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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sometimes Less is More

Successful businesses concern themselves with quality control. Is that true of your endeavors?

I mentioned the last time I wrote that I attend North Point and one of the things that is true about that church is they do not allow things to get stale. I have to believe that early on, the leadership made a decision to “keep it fresh and keep it meaningful.”

Another observation is at NPCC, things are changed BEFORE they get stale. In my travels, visiting and working with churches, across the country, I am shocked at how many churches that call themselves, “contemporary”, and are singing choruses that were “in” in the 70’s. Nothing wrong with singing choruses from the seventies, just don’t call your church contemporary.

It’s all about quality control. Just so I am being understood, quality control is good for traditional churches too. Each year I get to work with some outstanding traditional churches. They have no desire to be a rock and roll church and that is fine. Those that are intentional about being the best they can be are also concerned about quality control.

If you haven’t really focused on QC, how do you get started? Form an audit team and go through everything that goes on at your church. Set standards, make sure you have core values that are written and agreed upon by your leadership. My wife is a teacher and for years, her school has been creating rubrics to measure how their students are performing. Some churches have actually talked to me about how they have created rubrics to measure the effectiveness of their programs and ministries.

Here’s the bottom line, whatever you do, do well. Don’t’ be afraid to admit that now is the time to retire or take a break from some things that are not in alignment with your core values.

Remember, sometimes less is more.

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