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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is leadership, really?

Reading Henry and Richard Blackaby's book called Spiritual Leadership. In their book they define leadership as "moving people on to God's agenda." Anything else, they say, is not true spiritual leadership.

I like this definition - a lot. The reason? It focuses attention on what is most important when it comes to leadership --- people and their lives really and truly being changed and transformed in such a way that they no longer live for themselves and their own agendas, but for God and His agenda for their lives. Too often the focus of leadership tends to be on whether or not we can get people to buy into some "vision" or "plan," etc. But none of that matters if what we are doing doesn't move people closer to God and His Vision and Plan for their lives.

As you evaluate your leadership, ask yourself: "Am I moving people on to God's agenda for their lives? Why or why not?"

May God empower you and use you to move people toward His Kingdom purposes.

Taking the drive,

John Kenney

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