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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Casting Vision and Raising Faithful Stewards

I am privileged for so many reasons…
 I love my wife and she loves me
 Our family truly enjoys being “our” family
 I have a wonderful career working with some incredible people
 My pastor and my church are phenomenal

I go to North Point Community Church and my pastor is Andy Stanley. I love going to church. Today, Sunday, April 16, I heard, perhaps, the best message I have ever heard on money. I can remember when we did not hear too many messages on giving, but over the years they come with more frequency.

As Andy was preaching on giving he was also casting vision. The two go together inseparably. You can bank on this, and yes and I mean this both literally and figuratively. In fact, here is the way I share with pastors, money flows toward vision.

Andy made it ever so clear that he would not get a raise if more people started to tithe. But, he drew some great pictures; he talked about never having to do another capital campaign if everyone started tithing. I almost had a heart attack when he said that but the truth is I would welcome that.

Andy went on to say if all the people of North Point tithed we could build buildings for Atlanta Union Mission and catch this, he said as the school systems have started laying off teachers because of the economy, North Pointers could pay for some displaced teachers to go back to work. We could make sure that schools still had art and music teachers.

When you prepare your next stewardship message, remember money flows to vision. Always has, always will…

Enjoying the drive,


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