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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lessons I've Learned in the Past Two Weeks

This is sort of good news and bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.
The Relevant Group had a booth at a church conference that was being held in Atlanta. 4500 church leaders from across the US and beyond were gathered for several days to do whatever you do at a large denominational conference.
I worked the booth for four days. I talked to a lot of “interesting” people.
One lady told me that in addition to attending her denominational church she also works with a declining Baptist congregation. Here’s the bad news. She went on to say the Baptist church is so small they are about to close their doors and the primary concern of the people there is keeping the church cemetery going after the church dies.
How crazy is that? They are more concerned about keeping the cemetery alive than keeping the church alive. Bad news!!!
Good news! My wife, Beth, who is a teacher, told me something about their public elementary school that I found so very exciting. Every day at school, the principal gets on the loud speaker and teaches leadership to kids, kindergarten – fifth grade. She teaches principles of leadership every day to all 1,000 students.
Question, who is your church teaching leadership skills too? If you teach it, they will get it. Later on, you will be so glad you started teaching leadership to your elementary age kids.
My eight year old grandson started being a part of a weekly small group, yes small group (that’s what the church called it) when he was THREE years old.
I’m thinking Jake will be leading a small group when he is in middle school. Why, because his church taught him the importance of being in and leading small groups.
Final thought…my guess is Jake will never have to worry about keeping the church cemetery alive.

Enjoying the drive.

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