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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Not often will I write about a specific pastor, let alone a client, but today is an exception. I had to work the 4th of July weekend. Friday-Sunday I was in Cleveland, Ohio, working with Pastor Rodney Maiden.

Friday we had a very late dinner. We got to the restaurant at 10:45 PM and left at 12:30 AM. I had lots of questions. Many of the answers were “God stories.”

Pastor Maiden shared with me some his journey of pastoring a church that has grown from 100 to nearly 2,000. I saw how much Pastor Maiden loves his people and how much his people love him.

Two stories that I want to share with you.

Lesson #1

The first lesson was ever so easy to talk about, but a huge lesson to learn…It is not about me! Many pastors mouth those words but a lesser number really masters the lesson contained in those five powerful words. I saw a peaceful pastor of a continually growing church who so much enjoyed his ministry because he knew it was not about him.


The other lesson, if learned early in a ministry, can be life changing for a pastor...The more I gave up, the more I got. Pastor Maiden told me that as a young pastor he would use the “But I am the pastor” chant to get his way. That phrase has been the battle cry of many pastors. Some even believe there is a biblical right or mandate to use such words. All I can tell you is I have worked with 100’s of pastors who have been freed up in their ministry when they have learned to say, “The more I gave up, the more I got.

Now Pastor Maiden doesn’t have to ask for things, the leaders ask him, “Pastor what do think is best” or “Pastor what do you think we should do?” or “Pastor what do you need?”

What lesson have you learned?

Enjoying the journey!


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