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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lonely At The Top?

Just a quick word about John Kenney my writing partner in The Drive, John has the ability to “connect the dots” better than anyone I have met in a very long time. I have seen him gather data and assimilate various thoughts and then BAM! he has a strategic plan that works. It is a privilege to have him on the team.

So let’s start The Drive.

I left home yesterday morning and drove to a neighboring state and 11 hours later I pulled back in my drive way.

There were moments when traffic on I-20 came to a dead stop. When that normally happens I get frustrated. But yesterday was a different story. What made it different was I had my good friend Lee setting in the car with me.

You will always have detours, unexpected bumps in the road etc. Here is a simple lesson, as you drive down your road of ministry. Do not take the journey alone. Take someone with you.

I have heard many pastors tell me how lonely it is at the top. Well, here is how to avoid the loneliness, take people with you. If you are alone at the top, it is because you have decided to take the drive alone.

Enjoying the drive!
Bob Farris

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